Prohibited items

Prohibited items - Cheap Dumpster Rental & Junk Removal

If you tossing everyday waste, chances are we take it. We are however limited to on allowable items

  • Flammable or Ignitable waste¬†– Kerosene, flares, gasoline, diesel, cleaning solvents, nail polish remover, motor oil /filters/ containers, rubbing alcohol, ammunition. commercial gas cylinders
  • Corrosive Wastes– Rust remover, household cleaning products, chlorine, automotive/ household batteries
  • Reactive Wastes– Propane/ gasoline tanks, oxygen tanks, partially filled aerosol cans / leftover paint / Lacquers, ammunition, fertilizer.
  • Toxic Wastes– Medications, antifreeze, all refrigerants, herbicides, pesticides, contaminated soil and absorbents, fluorescent lightbulbs, railroad ties, industrial waste, liquid sludge, asbestos,¬†radioactive waste,
  • Biohazardous or Infectious Wastes– Blood, needles/ sharps, bodily fluids, animal waste, animal parts, septic tanks.
  • Firearms, Ammunition